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Find Your Happiness.

Before i start this article, i recommend you read someone's article posting about a job on his blog. http://www.thesimpledollar.com/what-is-a-good-job/

(And If you are available,  try this video http://azspot.net/post/82405532113/bettina-damiani-what-is-a-good-job)

And FYI, I wholeheartedly agree with him in many ways. but, there are many different people who might not agree on this article. so now, i will let you think about which is the better job between two different jobs.

Self Introduction

Two options

A job getting a high salary but tedious and not happy.
The other job getting a minimum salary to only earn a living but really joyful.

Some examples for thinking about our topic
(many divergent jobs)


1. What is your plan after graduation?

2. What do you think which is better? (a high salary but run-of-the-mill and a not much
salary but happy)

3. What makes you think that(after question number 2)

4. these days, many people don't think they need a partner to the last time.
    what is your opinion and do you want to have a family?

What i'm saying is i don't judge people by this question. i just want to have them share their opinion. it is very common and controversial topic in the world not even Korea.
So let's tackle the problem we can't avoid!!

2014년 10월 18일 토요일

What kind of job do you want to have? Are you sure about the job you're taking is satisfying? These days, there are so many jobs that i can't even count. Some are active and creative but the other are tedious and run-of-the-mill.  So, i will give you a tip to choose the job. Honestly I googled on the internet to get some information.

First, the job you're going to take should be matched with your aptitude. What kind of person are you? If you are a quite calm person, then you are a proper person for the office work. 

If you're out-going and proactive person, then you might be a person for the business work.

Second, do the work you are interested in.  
I know it is hard for you to find the work you want and maybe you don't know what is your dream job and goal. So, i recommend you have an experience in many things like travel, part time job, and voluntary service. Having an experience makes you stronger than you think and broaden your perspective. You will finally reach out for the work you may want. Doing a job you prefer is good for your career and also life. 

Have a confidence and be yourself. Don't be coward. You're probably the person whom company wants to hire. Cheer up for our beautiful life.

2014년 9월 23일 화요일

The second fascinating American soap opera[Dexter]

Today, what I want to introduce is Dexter which is famous American soap opera.
 The guy standing on this picture is Dexter playing a main role.
As i said at the first time, I am crazy about watching American soap opera and this is the most shocking and interesting drama I've ever seen.

This scene you're seeing is opening intro. and there are some grotesque scenes playing with unusual music making mood tense 

To make a long story short, he is a forensic expert specializing blood. 
But, his real character is a serial killer killing people deserving death.
he is really doing his job at the Miami police station. On the other hand, he is continuously killing people with his firm skills his foster father taught. 

He was adopted by a policeman Harry founded Dexter at the crime scene. where,
He saw a child(Dexter) crying in front of his mother cutting into pieces in a container and it made Dexter obsess with blood. So, after he grown up to be a man, he found himself a psycho pass . and his foster father Harry became aware of that my an adopted son is different from other ordinary man. So after then, Harry and Dexter had a secret and Harry taught Dexter how to kill people properly by leaving no trace and there are some rules Dexter must follow like 
1. Do not kill innocent people, kill a villain
2. Clean up the crime scene and leave no trace
3. Don't get caught, caution is the most important thing   

By killing a bad person, he ,in some way, justify what he is doing. 
He even thinks they deserve it and he is doing good thing.
In this point, we can think of what he is, he is an angle? or awful devil?
Of course I know killing people is the most cardinal sin in the world. But, don't be serious, we can just have an opinion by watching this drama, not in reality.
In conclusion, I recommend you watch this soap opera , and have the same feeling that i have experienced. 
Thank you for your time. and have a nice Google trip 

2014년 6월 14일 토요일

Thai Food Blog: Som Tam - Thai Papaya Salad

Thai Food Blog: Som Tam - Thai Papaya Salad

som tam is Thai's most famous vegetable salad it is a kind of kimchi in korea

it is spicy, sour and sweet i like this food

and to be honest i will introduce Thai food by assignment that i'd done when i was

studying in Thailand. so it is just a source that i found to know about Thai food.

and also i will introduce tom yam koong but i do not need any source

because i already have one. so i may get an help by reading this article but, to be honest

i can handle my final segment. Thank you~! and come to my broadcast next wednesday

7 p.m!!

Thank you~!!

Assignment using words in Eng317-04

Puberty (사춘기)

- Actually, my younger sister has been undergoing puberty. she is 18 years for now
   because of that, she is so sensitive.

Pit stop (화장실을 가기 위해 잠시 멈추다)

- When i was travelling abroad, i drank water too much, so i made a pit stop

Pamper (만족시키다)

- Pampering boss and client is always tough, but we have to do both of them if you're        salesman

Volatile (변덕스러운)

- One of my friends always hesitates when we have lunch. and he is really volatile.

LGBT (Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,Transgender)

- There are many kinds of people who are not unusual but special. we call them LGBT

Religious fanatic(광신도)

- In South Korea, wherever you go, you can see religious fanatic even in every subway        station.

PDA(Public Display of Affection)

- Is PDA good or bad? i think it is ok if they do not show excessive situation

I've got your back(i will help you)

- Do whatever you want to. i've got your back and i will always be with you.

Haggle(값을 깎다.)

- If you are going to Thailand before you go, you should know how to haggle


- when we go to picnic we usually packed disposable things. it is really convenient but it is also harmful to nature.

Swing Voter

- In politics, i'm a swing voter. i have my own opinion and i don't care what his party is if he is a proper person

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this address is for the smart phone user and you can download some music you want as a ringbell you don't have to pay for downloading and edit to fit on your phone
all music are edited by someone and you can just use it with ease.


and if you want to listen to music then this address is useful.
because you can also download music that you want to listen to
you don't need to pay too. although i haven't yet download pop song. but i think
there are many pop song even more than k-pop so i recommend you download music
by using this site.

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My favorite American soap opera [Super Natural]

i want to introduce one of my favorite American soap operas
Super natural~!

this American soap opera has a marvelous story like heaven, hell, spell and myth
and these two brothers on this picture are the main character.
they are doing family business by killing demons(but now even angel)

these two guys have a different character so, sometimes they have a conflict of opinion   when they have to make a decision.
they've been through a lot of throats of death but they still get over it.
the reason why i recommend this American soap opera is because we can think of a different way which means we can think heaven is not always good or an angle might be not a divine thing.
they can scheme by lying to us or just using and throw us.
and also demon is not always evil and sometime they can be helpful if we made an agreement so that we use them.
(this guy is an angel named Castiel. but he is actually a trouble maker.)

for now this drama goes season 9 and it keeps going on 
and i recommend you watch this awesome American soap opera